Bold. Luxe. Quality.

BLQ Basiq was one of the first designers that decided to house at Hey Young World! They proved to be a perfect match for us; bridging affordable price points, quality fabrications, on-trend designs and contemporary color palettes. Every time a customer puts on their BLQ Basiq, we hear small sigh in comfort and relief, and its on to tackling the next To-Do for the day. BLQ takes the complication out of clothing, not lacking quality conditions, but giving each customer a feel-good sensation when they ease into their purchased piece!


Grab the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Cropped Sweatshirt in black!

BLQ, standing for Bold, Luxe, Quality, has beyond doubt given Hey Young World! closet staples and with that completely style inspo-ed this week's Women's World Wednesday post...



Not only has this brand caught the eye of the average fashionista, it's draped on celebrities and bloggers! Check out these colorful chicas wearing BLQ Basiq for their own blog features.

Grissca for Poise Blog - wearing our Oversize Pocket Dress in Eggshell 

Above: Jess Estrada for Concrete Runway - in pink wearing our Pencil Me In Skirt + Sarah Svetlana modeling for Hey Young World! 


With BLQ's not so basic..well..basics, there are so many ways to bring in your own style. Right now our favorite picks are the Brush Off-The-Shoulder Crop and Back Me Up Midi Slit Skirt! The taupe color option is beautiful on all skin tones, but if you'r wanting more luxe, than bold, we also offer both pieces in black and under $115 as a set! 
Here's Blogger Feral Creature , also in this must have skirt, showing us how its done in HYW's Pencil Me high-waisted skirt in black!
Below are more images that inspire the aesthetic of BLQ Basiq and what they bring to Hey Young World!







-- The World is Yours



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